Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Medieval Wedding - the Official Pictures

After champagne our family was taken on a guided tour around the museum while we took the not so standard wedding photos. :-) First on the jousting tribune. Oh and once again, the photographer is the brilliant Emiel Rye.
We wanted our pictures to show a story and be as playful as we are. What's the use of having a medieval theme if you have to be all serious about the photos?
I am not going to comment each one, just a plain photo bombardment.

And as we say in Denmark: When the end is good all is well ;-)

My Medieval Wedding - Family Portraits and Strawberry Champagne.

 It's been more than a while since I posted but I am busy writing my Bacholor at the moment. Still I just wanted to continue a bit on my neglected tale of our wedding day.

We ended the ceremony walking out to another Enaid song - The Road to Camelot as our guests showered  us with rice and dried flowers, roses and lavender. The tradition comes from medieval times when the guests would
toss grain on the bride and groom to ensure them fertility.
I smiled so much my cheeks hurt and it was a wonderful relief to walk away with my husband.

After the congratulations and a whole lot of kissing I could finally greet our guests properly. My dad had brewed his own Strawberry and Elderflower champagne that we toasted in and took the time to marvel at the amount of effort our guests had put into their outfits.
The DIY banners I had made fit very well in the Naust were we took the drinks and added a little color.
To the left you can see my wonderful dad and sister taking charge of the champagne.


Our photographers picked a spot by the lake were we could take pictures of the closest family, which isn't so small because Robert has 5 siblings.
I loved the background and one of my favorits is one of me and my sister.
The fun photo of Robert with his brothers and sister is pricless too.

And finally the photo of all the guests was taken at the knights' jousting areana tribune.