Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wax Seal for Invitations

The wax seal was commonly used amongst the nobility when sending letters in medieval times. The initials or crest of the family or person were engraved in metal and then pressed into hot wax to seal a document and to authenticate it.
It will add a nice touch to your invitations and you can easily find somewhere they will custom make it for you. I found a cheap dealer on Ebay and chose R and C - our initials for the seal.
The monogram I had created in paint with a free medieval font found on the internet. Then the seller made my seal and this was the wonderful result:

It took some practice with the amount of wax and what pressure I should use, but in the end it turned out very well and will be put to good use when we make our invites. The red wax was bought in a hobby store and they had a size that fitted my glue gun so it wasn't difficult at all to control the melting. You can choose to melt it in a spoon over a flame instead, which is the original way to do it.

In the end you add a nice touch to your envelops like this:

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