About me

I thought I would introduce myself more thoroughly, and to put a face on the person writing all these entries.

My name is Cecilie and I live in Denmark with my fiancĂ© Robert and our Shiba Inu dog Gizmo.
Currently I am studying Prehistoric Archaeology on the University of Copenhagen, so medieval times are actually not my specialty, but it has been an interest of mine for many, many years. Presently I work in the museum of Roskilde as a guide.
August, 2011 I was on my first dig. It is culture layers from the Stone Age and I really enjoyed myself and feeling awfully pleased with my choice of education. Here I am measuring the field:
Robert was the one who initially suggested the medieval theme and I was quick to agree with it. It sort of transformed into a hobby that resulted in Medieval-bride.blogspot.com. The date for our wedding is 08th of September 2012, so I have about 3 month of planning left to do. After the wedding I probably will continue writing on it as it has become a significant part of my spare time.

I also spend a lot of my time with my metal detector along with my friend from the university. We are still amateurs but it is fun and we get to spend time outside, on beaches, in fields and forests.

Robert works with computers and we both love gaming things like WOW, The Old Republic and Rome Total War. He takes a great interest in the historic Mongolian leader Djengis Kahn and other historical men of war such as Caesar and Alexander the Great. We spend a lot of time talking history together and last summer we went going to Egypt to see the pyramids and the temple of Carnac.

Me and Robert at the Trevi fountain, Rome. It's funny that I look taller than him when it's the other way around in real life

Well that's enough about me for now. I hope that you read my blog and enjoy it. I like getting feedback both good and bad, just remember that I am NOT educated in medieval culture history. If you would like to email me you can reach my on this address: recil_casmussen@hotmail.com.

All the best - The Medieval Bride