Sunday, 8 May 2011


It's always nice to be able to open the guest book years after the wedding and to read the warm well wishes of those who participated in your special day. There's plenty of possibilities to make the guest book fit the theme and give the guests an experience along the way.
An obvious idea is to make people write with a feather quill and ink. You can get a lot of different color feather pens if you have a color scheme to stick to.

As for the book, the leather bound journals look just right. You can get these books designed after you own wishes in several shops. The motifs on these books should of course be medieval, or you can get your names engraved in the leather.


In the end I want to show you my guest book, which I bought at a museum store in Denmark. I haven't unwrapped it yet, but it is beautifully red and with a crouching lion on the cover.
You can also buy different shades of ink so you really can make the guest book fun and medieval-ish. :)

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  1. Thank you for this ideas! We are having mostly "normal" wedding but having little nice medevil details ^^