Monday, 9 April 2012

Dress of the Month - April

This month I wanted to show you some modern-medieval alternatives, dresses you might choose if you want a medieval wedding, but a "proper wedding gown". When looking for this kind of dress think: simple, A-line/empire, fitted, (color, sleeves, a scoop/off the shoulder/sqaure neckline).
The red dress has no sleeves like most wedding gowns today, but the tight fit, the belt and the vibrant color makes it suitable for a medieval wedding. The shiny fabric also likens the valuable silk that was so sought after by the wealthy a 1000-500 years ago.
The picture above is a Maggie Sottero dress, modern, because it's white strapless and draped. But the slim silhuette fits the early medieval dresses, and the sparcling belt of crystals could act as an equivalent to the girdle belt.
This dress has the scoop neckline, a little bit of sleeves and an empire waist which became popular later in the Middle Ages.
The danish princess Mary wore a dress on her wedding day that could act as a modern medieval gown. It was designed by Uffe Frank and had a very simple, elegant silhuette. I like the ivory color, because it reminds me ever so slightly of gold. The details of the skirt are fun and the sleeves gives it that virtuous feeling that many medieval gowns had.
Finally if you cannot find a sleeved dress, you can always buy a small jacket to match:
This was a bit of an unusual post from me, I rarely write about modern dresses, but I am trying to make the blog as versatile as possible, and spreading the medieval madness to all of you. Good luck finding the right dress, whether it be medieval or not :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jewelry Designer Emily Armenta

I came across Emily Armenta when searching for medieval inspired jewelry for weddings. The designs has a timelessness to them that apeals to me and small elements that leads the mind to bygone days of knights and maidens. She draws inspiration from Spanish poets like Lorca and Antonio Machado and says of her collection The Old World: "I awakened to a vision of jewelry as a galería, a passageway, which connects the past to the present."


She also has a collection for men: Romero, with cuff links, rings and leather cuffs
I had such a hard time choosing which pictures to show you, and then I didn't even get to the bangles and necklesses. It's a pricy choice, but if you want to shower yourself in medieval luxury, I think this is a pretty nice way. ;)