Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wedding tree guestbook

I have seen this idea on most blogs by now, but I want to publish it here as well because I actually think it could fit a medieval wedding really well.
The concept is that you draw a tree on a big piece of paper, then you find different colored ink pads that the guests can press their fingers in and then leave a gren/yellow/red finger print on the tree as a leaf. Underneath they can write their name if they want to.
The reason I love this idea, is that many medieval people could not read or write and what better way to leave a mark on the wedding that this?

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  1. We're planning to do this!

    Because we're having to seperate it out into two services we're going to have it as our marriage certificate at the none legal wedding. Mark is going to draw it then scan it to Publisher and we're going to add the words of the readings, then underneath we'll have space for everyone to sign.