Friday, 2 December 2011

Dress of the Month - December

The holiday season is upon us and I just finished decorationg our apartment. It's always nostalgic to open the dusty boxes and put on the christmas cd. So to celebrate, I thought I would make this month's dress somewhat wintery and christmasy: I found this one on the german .

The delicious cream fabric and the white fur, with a 15th century cut, would look incredible in a snowfilled landscape. I know they specialise in making costumes for museums, theatre and movies. So if you like this dress, swing by their website.
And merry christmas to you all - remember to enjoy this wonderful month :-)


  1. Wow! this is really gorgeous. I want to have this gown for my wedding.


  2. If I was getting married this month so would I :) It could look amasing in the pictures if it was snowing <3