Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A medieval church

In medieval times the marriage ceremony didn't actually take place inside the church. The bride and groom were wed outside and then they all walked in for mass in the church afterwards. Me and my fiancée are having our ceremony outside, but I thought you might like to see a beautiful medieval church. This one is from Ringsted where I live: Sct Bendt's church.
In 1080 AD a prior church was build in the same spot. The Danish king Valdemar the Victorious chose to build a new and more modern church in 1160-80 where he was later buried and it still stands today. It was amongst the first to be built in bricks. Once every year a medieval fair is held in the park around this beautiful specimen of architecture.
  Couldn't you just imagine walking down that stone floor towards your knight in shining armor? The church is particularly impressive because of the frescos that have been restored in the last couple of years. Just look at those colors and details!
Another little nifty detail is the many shields of arms painted on the walls and ceiling. It adds to the medieval atmosphere and if one needs some inspiration for their own shield of arms it's a good place to go.
Very few churches are pure medieval in their architecture and inventory. Most of them have been rebuild several times and new alter and pulpit added, in Denmark mostly from the renaissance. But there are a few original churches left. :-)
Good luck finding the ceremony location. 

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