Thursday, 29 December 2011

Danish National museum's medieval Collection

Today I went to the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen to prepare for the winter finals. The semester is at an end, and so is the course on Early Bronze Age and and Neolitikum (late Stone Age.)
While I was there I saw their medieval collection as well as I know they have a bridal crown. It's not a particularly big exibition but I enjoyed it immensly.
I am excited to show you some pictures from it, especially of the engagement rings.
I love the one on the right with the man and the woman holding eachother. The second one from the left features two hands coming together and is a fairly common motive from around 1200-1500.
The bridal crown is magnificent found under the floor in a Jytlandian church. Presumably it is from 1525 and was worn by a wooden Idol of Mary. Sometimes the churches would have a bridal crown that the brides getting married could borrow in case they couldn't afford their own. Maybe this one have been such a crown:
Another object worth mentioning are the luxurious drinking horns. I am not sure for what event they were intended but surely it could be a wedding:
I really love museums. Being surrounded by all these old treasures takes me right back in time. I also like looking at all the weapons and oversized swords. I am hoping that Robert comes to the wedding with a sword in his belt :)
I have a lot of pictures and I'll be making an entry with more of the gleaming rings for you :) Happy new year - The Medieval Bride

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  1. The crown is splendid, obviously from the medieval times. These medieval stuff gives you the feeling of traveling back to the past.