Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sue and Stanley's Medieval Wedding

This happy couple was wed a sunny day in an English garden with medieval merriment and joyious celebration. I really wanted to feature them because of the warmth their photos radiated. The photographer who captured these moments is Steven Noake Photography.
The bride and groom dancing in the sun, don't they look happy ? :-) The ceremony was held in a circle amongst their loved ones in the midst of nature, and jugglers entertained the guests.

Two tents were pitched at the edge of the forest and the the party and ceremony site decorated with colored pennants, flowers and straw bales.

A bagpiper provided the music, and instead of a guestbook small notes with drawings and well-wishes was hung in a tree. I also really love their glasses.
Then there's the bride's dress in a wonderful royal blue color. She wears simple jewelry of pearls and two small clusters of flowers as a part of the hairdo. I think I want a bouquet like that when I get married. A bit of wilderness fits the theme perfectly.
The feast was also held outside in yet another tent, nicely decorated with purple fabrics and pilars entwined with greenery.
As you can see all the guests also made a gesture by dressing for the theme, and I should really have liked to be at Sue and Stanley's wedding!

Congratulations - from the Medieval Bride


  1. How sweet the wedding was. i love the setup, it really has the feel and the absolute look of the medieval times!

  2. where did you get those champagne flutes?