Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ana & Brian's period wedding

When I saw these photos, my eyes almost popped out of my head. The attention to detail in this wedding is unbelievable and their love for history shines through in every photo. The day was skillfully documented by John C. Haverstick Photography.
The bride wore a red medieval gown with cape, reminding me of the picture of the Bride from the wedding at Cana, by Gerard David (1500 AD). The fresh floral wreth is fitting for any periode bride and her long hair is like an extra jewel on her head.

The groom half resembles a viking from the halls of Valhalla and half a knight with his Gambeson war tunic and medieval sword. Some of the most succesfull themes require both men and women to spend time considering small things like belts and jewelry. The fur coat and headband really adds a final touch to the warrior tuxedo.

They celebrated with an outdoor ceremony, where a DARTH WADER(!) :-D spread rose petals before the bride and a hornblower announced the arrival of the groom. I love that they were so unafraid to incorporate thing that are meaningful to them and fun. You get the feeling that they wanted a relaxed extraordinary wedding
The dinner was served under the open sky and acompanied by blasts of fire, cake and swordsmen.
If the ceremony was scheduled earlier on my wedding day I think we would have enjoyed a couple of hours of medieval fun, games and dueling. Ana and Brian sure seem to have had some fun with their friends and dear ones.
Here's a video slide show with all the amasing pictures
At the end of the day the couple could begin their journy into married life and I want to wish them a magical mythic life together.

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