Friday, 13 July 2012

The Landshut Wedding Festival

Every fourth year a festival Landshuter Hochzeit takes place in Bravaria, Germany reenacting the wedding in 1475 AD between George of Bavaria to Princess Hedwig (Jadwiga) of Poland. It entails days of celebration and entertainment along with loads of medieval food and beverages. The impressive wedding procession invades the streets decorated with banners and flowers for the ocasion.
I just want to bombard you with the amasing pictures from this festival. Some of them are from the official website, others by estrangelo edessa:
Bride and groom
Medieval festivals can be amasing to attend, and when it is build around a wedding I simply have to post about it :)
The bride Jadwiga was 18 years old when she traveled to her groom's home to be wed. It was a lavish party and the records tells that the guests consumed no less than 320 bullocks, 1.500 sheep, 1.300 lambs, 500 calves, and 40.000 chicken.
The city takes the festival rather seriously, the young men stop cutting their hair, and the girls are hopeing for the honor of being offered the role of princess Jadwiga.

If you want to see more pictures, go to the festival's official website and see the many photos. There's some great inspiration for dressing both men and women. The next festival will be in july 2013. If you get the change, GO THERE :-)

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  1. That is amazing and so wonderful that the townspeople all join in. Wonderful costumes. Thanks so much for sharing.