Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Tutor Groom

Better late than never aye? The tudor era is sort of the English transistion from the Middle Ages to Renaissance, and a time of lavish clothing. I watched The Tudors, a series about Henry VIII, and marveled at the princly costumes. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who played Henry looks every bit a prince charming, in spite the darkness of the story. The producers have paid a lot of attention to the costumes and therefore I am comfortable showing them to you here as a historical reference. Henry got married quite a few times, and the screenshots below is from The Tudors: Henry and Jane's wedding.
Wealthy men in the Tudor Times, often wore either a fitted jacket with a high color and pants or a very broad almost square upper coat, and slim pantyhose like this:
So if you want to look like Henry, go for rich silky fabrics, often with a metal shine and a big impressive hat with feathers. The white tight hoses might seem strange to a modern man, but I donøt think that there's anything girly about a tudor man. A final touch could be the golden chain of office around his neck, an important power symbol.
There are a couple of amazing jackets/doublets that would suit the tudor groom. These are from the Vikingstore and the tudorshoppe.

There are a few vendors who specializes in the tudor period like The tudor shoppe. You can also always have a tailer make the costume which will probably enable you to make it much more authentic. Just keep in mind that those handsome fabrics can be expensive.
The tudor king groom is majestic, powerful and rich and such a costume would be a very fitting for a wedding.

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