Friday, 25 February 2011

How to get started

When you start planning a wedding with at theme it is always a good idea to establish which items, ideology and traditions would help make the theme realistic.
Medieval times was a long period and the fashion of both clothing and food differs depending on where in Europe you were and wheather it was the early og late medieval. Our wedding is based on the scandinavien and partly english customs early on in the period.

Next it would be prudent to chose which layer of society you want to portray in the decorations. There is a great differens in the wedding dress if you are a rich farmer's daughter or a princess. It can be fun to exploit the theme to make a glorious royal medieval party, with a big silken dress with bell-sleeves, and vagon drawn by white horses. The groom can be a knight in shining armour and the table may be set with huge iron chandalirs and beautiful coloured drinking glasses. You can have a huge cake with gold and pearls.

 We have chosen the alternative a wedding amongst the less rich nobility that are more peasents than warriors. For us this means a less pompous decor, with more nature involved. The room will be decorated with whatever can be found in the forrest at that time of year. The plates and cups are made of unpainted clay and the room will be lit up only from many small candles. The tables won't have tableclothes on them so you can see that they are made of massive wood and people will be seated on long benches in stead of chairs.

When you have made following decisions, you are ready to throw yourself at the details:
1. When in the medieval times are you? (The later the greater is the posibility to be pompous)
2. Where in Europe or the world are you?
3. Are you kings and queens / knight and maiden /nobility / peasants?

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