Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Inspirational paintings of dresses

Many of the seamstresses who makes history clothing gather their inspiration from periode paintings. I would just like to show you a couple of paintings of potentially amasing wedding gowns:
Banquet of St. Elizabeth of Wartburg, 1480-1500, Slovakia
The woman in the front looks amazing in her gold embroidered green gown with a hint of rosy red under the dress and the night-sky velvet cloak. I am not sure I would wear her veil, but the dress is beautiful.

This gold dress apperently was a fashional wedding look around 1500. In a danish medieval wedding budget from 1501-04(?) a large amount of golden fabric was bought for the wedding dress. And while I am at it, check out his shoes!

Hours of Charles d'Angouleme, late 15th century
The woman in the red dress is also looking stunningly. I love the pattern and the combination of peach-red and baby blue. The train of the dress is also very weddingish.

The lady and unicorn - late 15 century.
I really like the color of her dress. It looks amasing with the gold belt and -pattern. It's a pretty simple dress but still so feminine and graceful.

'Marriage of King Philip III of France to Mary of Brabant in 1274.' From Chroniques de France ou de St. Denis. Published late 1300.
Last but not least, this royal gown, with a light cherry pink underdress and the french blue with golden fleur de lis on the outer dress.
I would really like to see all of these dresses recreated! Maybe I'll try making one myself one day, but I am not that skilled in the art of sewing so I think I might leave it to the professional replica makers. :-)

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