Monday, 31 October 2011

A shop: Armstreet

This shop was one of the first I found once I started looking and I frequently swing by their website to check out their new stuff. They don't sell exact medieval replicas but their clothing and armor are beautiful! They sell to both men and women and are actually reasonably priced considering the nice stuff they offer.
There's also a couple of extra things besides clothing on their website such as jewelry, delicious leather bags, belts and cloaks. You can get a Galadriel looking crown with golden leaves if you like. In medieval times the bride would often wear a magnificent bridal crown up until the ceremony. A sign of her virtue.
You can easily find an amasing set of clothes for both bride and groom of perhaps the maid of honor.
What impressed me the most is their incredible sets of armor. You can really become a knight i shining armor, but the price also reflects the amount of work put into these war suits.
Most of their clothing comes in all colors and is sown after your meassurements. So check out their website:

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