Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ringsted Medieval Festival

I am so thrilled, not only is my city hosting a medieval festival August 2012, but I am voulentering this year! Not sure what I'll be doing yet :) but I can't wait to get started. When the festival was last held in 2010 and Robert and I visited both days. The engagement rings was also bought there by one of the vendors with a 12-1400 inspired pattern:

Actually I have been talking to a woman who got married there a few years back. I have seen the pictures and I think it looked amasing.

Just wanted to share this amasing news with you :-) and drop off a few photos of the Ringsted medieval Festival if any Danish bride could be tempted to get married there. The great thing about this festival is that they take pride in not mixing thime periods, they even take care not to confuse late and early medieval clothing. There's not any fantasy vendors or renaissance clothing to confuse the guests. Somehow I really appreciate that, as much as I fancy fantasy myself.


  1. I know you're volunteering and will be busy but PLEASE take lots of pictures! I love that they don't mix time periods (and I'm a RenFaire fan with all their lovely quirks).

  2. That looks incredible. Love your rings.

  3. I promise I'll take a whole load of pictures :) can't help myself anyway.
    It's only 2 weeks before the wedding, but hey I am a woman I should be able to multi task... or something..
    I loove fantasy and renaissance too, especially the festival in our capital Copenhagen likes to mix it up with some differnt time periods together. But I admire the Ringsted festival, because it so much more work to get everyone and everything to match a certain century. I think it's cool that they are making an effort.
    I love our rings too :D I couldn't imagine myself with any other ring on my finger.

  4. I just love gatherings like this. It's so medieval and very exciting.