Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dress of the month - February (Lindsay Fleming Collection)

This month the dress I am featuring, comes from the Celtic Spirit Collection by designer Lindsay Fleming. The collection is inspired by fashion in medieval Britain and the celtic knot. The design below is called Arran. I think it's a beautiful combination of the bride today and the bride of the past, the kind we like to feature :-). Photography by Archibald Photography. I know of at least one medieval bride getting married this year in one of these, and it will look beautiful in her castle venue.
The golden heart knot pattern framing the line of waist and chest gives it a luxurious appearence. I like the t-shirt cut with the attached flowing bellsleeves. And if you prefere a more medieval wedding dress color it is possible to customise your gown. I do like showing you white dresses though, because that is the color I have associated with weddings all my life. It is possible to combine your theme with modern and medieval traditions.
It should be noted that Lindsay Fleming was voted Scottish Bridal Designer of the year 2006, 2008 and 2010. So even if the Arran design isn't something for you, you should still sneak by their website and see if there's another wedding dress for you.

The Tyra design

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  1. Both of the gowns you've featured are lovely! I could even see them in a rich, jewel-tone velvet.