Saturday, 25 February 2012

One Whole Year of Bloggin'

This is kind of amasing for me! I have managed to write a good number of entries every month, and the year has gone by so fast.
Photo by Italian Kat Tan-Conte
I started this blog because it was a good way to gather thoughts and ideas about my own wedding, but also because I couldn't find a wedding blog that celebrated these kinds of theme unions. I am getting married in about 6 months and with all the work I have done, planning and writing about it, it somehow became a hobby to me. I am not sure how long this blog will live, altough I still have so much I want to post and share.
It's been wonderful to see interest in my blog grow, from 72 views a month to 150 views a day. It brings me great joy that you comment or read and are inspired by what I dig up.

As for future entries I have paid a lot of attention to the bridal gown, and very little to the groom's attire. So when a year has past with the Dress of the Month series in May, I will start a new series of monthlty entries about the Groom. You can look forward to the Braveheart, the Robin Hood and the Temple Knight groom.

I hope also to feature some more real medieval weddings, and again - I would love to hear from anyone getting married the medieval way :)
With some luck this year will be as exciting a year of bloggin as the past one.

With infinite love
Cecilie - the Medieval Bride


  1. I found your blog not too long ago, but fall in love with it right away. Thank you for your fantastic work and please keep on!

    Really curious about the grooms outfits, can't wait ! <3

    1. Wow thanks :D, I so glad to hear it! And I am excited about the groom's series too. Also this is the year you'll get to see the pictures from my own wedding. ;)

  2. Congrats on your blogger anniversary!