Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Here Comes the Bride

Traditionally Wagner's Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride), is played when the bride enters the church. I think it's a beautiful tune but I have considered what it will sound like outside a church in the idyllic setting for our ceremony. I never actually been a fan of organ music and I would like something that sounds a little more like a medieval wedding. So I found Enaid who made this wonderful album Avalon - a Celtic Legend. Especially one of their songs appeals to me. It's cheerful, light and I could see myself walking towards the love of my life to it: Road to Camelot.

There's also a song on the album called The Wedding you might want to listen to. The most important for the entry song is that you like it, don't choose it just because it's medieval. :)


  1. We're Warcrafters (play World of Warcraft) and we're having a medley of world music as it's quite medieval inspired so will go nicely. It's beautiful music and no one will know the difference so it's a nice way to bring our hobby into it.

  2. I have played WOW a lot too :) where do you find the music?