Monday, 5 March 2012

Dress of the Month - March

This month I want to show you the ultimate royal dress, the rekonstruktion of a gown made for Queen Margrethe the 1. of Denmark. The original dress was made in the beginning of the 15th century and was kept in a closet near the queen's tomb in the Roskilde Cathedral. In 1659 it was stolen during the war by Sweedish soldiers and can be seen today in Uppsala Cathedral in Sweden.
The rekonstruction on a model
The dress is made with gold brocade, the most exquisite medieval taylors had to offer. Just look at it! It might have been tradition to have a gold dress when you were extremely rich, because I have read a wedding budget from a wealthy danish nobleman that mentions a golden dress as a part of the bridal clothes (along with 11 other dresses). The golden fabric is embroided with silk silver thread.
The brocade used for the rekontruction dress.
It might not be inexpensive if you want to attempt to make one yourself, but it would no doubt look like a fairy tale dress and be the ultimate medieval princess gown. :-)


  1. I love the simple lines and mimimal embellishment - so important when you have a fabric that luxurious. The emerald green underdress is perfect and the model is so beautiful and regal, she indeed looks like a Queen.

    Almost sad that we live in such a disposable society today - a far cry to a time when clothing was treated like treasure and made to last.

  2. Indeed, I love that fabric could be considered as valuable as precious metals. A luxurious piece of fabric can be a delicious feeling in the fingers