Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Julie & Shaun's Medieval Wedding

A beautiful June day in 2010 Julie & Shaun had a mindblowing medieval wedding! Their photos from photographer WeddingsBySamuel takes you right back to the Middle Ages. I hope my wedding will look this wonderful. This wedding really shows how attention to detail, focus on historic acuracy and a talented photographer can make a medieval theme.
The groom prepared himself at a nearby hotel which wasn't easy with all the armor he had to wear.
The ceremony was held at Kenilworth Castle where the guest were greeted with waving red and yellow lion banners. To accomodate the theme the guests too were dressed in period garbs.

The first part of the ceremony -the leagal stuf - was conducted within the gatehouse in a room with dark wooden panels. Rings and vows were exchanged.The bride arriwed in her silky green dress with golden twisted trim.
Then they crowd walked outside and among the ruins Julie and Shaun was bound together by a handfasting ritual. It included the sharing of drink to ensure that the couple would always experience bounty together. I love the look of the bride's har from the back.
As the ceremony neared the end, a black knight appeared, threatningly claiming the right of Prima Nocta (if you remember from the Braveheart movie - it's the local nobleman's right to sleep with the bride on her wedding night.) Obviously that resulted in a dramatic fight.
The black knight was utterly defeated and the happy couple could continue to a walk in the ruins - a perfect place for proper pictures.
For the following reception Julie and Shaun had hired Guinevere's Dream Events, to transform an ordinay modern venue into the ultimate banquet dream. The bride and groom entered the room first and then guests were announced one by one. The entertainment during dinner consisted of several guests put on trial.
The night ended in dancing and merriment:
Congratulations on the incredible day and hopefully a happy marriage. :-)

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