Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Coin/Disc Earrings

There aren't a lot of examples of earrings in the medieval paintings I have been looking through so it is hard for me to advice you on the subject.
From the early renaissance in Italy though, all the fine ladies have earrings made with gold and pearls. Italy is a European centre of innovation during the medieval times and the renaissance and this earring is from the early Middle Ages, 7th century:
You might be able to find something similar - gold, colorful stones, circular and cross motives.
Along with the tendency to use coins in jewlery in the prior nordic periode of the Viking Age I thought I would post you some earrings inspired by coins:
Etsyseller GenJewel

Etsyseller donnaKBaker

Etsyseller onelifejewelry
The last pair I bought for my wedding this september. :)

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