Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My medieval wedding - the ceremony

I finally got married in September, and now we are in December, Christmas fast approaching, so obviously I have been taking a break from the blogg. After two years of intense wedding planning I just needed to focus on something completely different for a while. But I still want to share our wonderful day with you, because it was amazing. Sadly I got ill during the main course, but after a few hours sleep I was able to dance and enjoy the wedding cake for the remainder of the evening.

The ceremony took place at the medieval museum by the lake. I wanted no lavish decorations and had only arranged for benches and DIY pennants at the site. Waiting for the music to start I was so nervous, crying, then laughing and so touched by the powerful moment. Then my sister-in-law came running and proclaimed that neither the rings, the rice bags or the programs were at the ceremony site. She ran to get them, making me slightly more nervous in the process, but frankly I wasn't to bothered, because all I could think about was getting married to my man.

I walked up to The Wedding by Enaid with my dad and my sister and was so wonderfully surprised to see that everyone had found a medieval costume to wear. It was difficult to do anything but look to Robert and I could see he was struggling with the tears as well.
My dad had prepared a beautiful speech about marriage and love. It was special to me to have him bless us with those words.
Robert had his 3 brothers with him and I had my sister, whose hand I was squeezing the entire time. Then the Official got up and married us. I don't recall what she said, only that Robert and I smiled at each other because of the severe and dry legal phrases. The sky above was dramatically clouded, emphasising the feel of moment.
The whole ceremony was simple and beautiful. We sang two songs, one of them a medieval sounding tune about a knight and a maiden. It was a favourite of mine when I was little. We exchanged rings and had that magical kiss and a long warm hug. I wanted to stand like that forever.
We ended the ceremony with another song and we enjoyed the minutes just sitting holding hands and smiling till our cheeks hurt. It was perfect.

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  1. Many blessings and congratulations to you and your new life together. What a beautiful ceremony!!