Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Medieval wedding message board

http://www.midnightgarden.com/wedding/board/ is a fantastic initiative for us in-need-of-medieval-wedding-inpiration-brides. It's a message board for all who are getting married with a medieval / renaissance theme but alas only few brides use it these days. I doubt that the world lack medieval brides but none the less the website needs the new generation of brides in there. I have just registered (under the name Sunspirit) and will be posting some of my own wedding stuff there but, when permittet, I will also post the best ideas from the message board on my blog.
So this is a cry-out to all of you who are planning af medieval wedding: Join so we can all benefit from each other's ideas. :-)

The Medieval Bride

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  1. Nice post. I'v always dreamed of a beautiful wedding, even up to now. And reading wedding messages really gives me inspiration that I will soon have one. I really hope so.