Friday, 24 June 2011


If you are hosting your party at a medieval restaurant or a fair, the proper tableware might not be so difficult to get, as it could be included. But if you are having the party at home you may have to get the tableware yourself.
From a dollhouse inspired by the medieval-Tudor period (England) - link
You will find that most medieval tableware was made by wood or earthenware / pottery. Forks weren't used at the time, so spoon and knives are what you'll have to work with. Hopefully the guests will consider it a fun detail. The rich families would own silver serving platters and goblets.
Medieval table set presumable from a rich Jewish trader
You can also rent a set of tableware from different firms who specialize in medieval parties. I will warn you though, it might be expensive.

Denmark: Historicum - both a shop and a rental service.
UK: Costume company - provides a couple of services to medieval events
or Medieval Banquet Hire or Medievalhire
USA:  I still haven't found somewhere you can rent it in the US, but you are very welcome to recommend a place. Don't be shy :)
Sometimes you will also be able to rent some fun props from the movie making industry. They often have warehouses with their props in case they will need them again

Here are some pictures to inspire you from these websites:
The royal

The plain

The in-between

To buy all the tableware yourself might be very expensive, but you can do with just having elements of the medieval tableware like wooden plates or ceramic jugs and dishes.


  1. The thing is, that's it really difficult to find authentic copies of tableware. Most of the stuff sold on markets and internet shops are, to put it mildly, rather fanciful stuff, with roots more in Hollywood than in medieval reality.
    Then you also have to decide on what period you want, the medieval period in Denmark is from 1050-1536, a pretty long span of time, with a lot of changes in fashion.

  2. I know, it was actually a hard entry to write because there is so many places they mix medieval and fantasy togehter, and I am trying to stick to history on this blog :) More entries will come on the subject later, when I have the time to research more thoroughly

  3. I was thinking of geting this finnish design glasses that are bouth modern and old at same time :D