Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dress of the month - September

The dress of september is made by etsy-vendor: oakhearts . She has a passion for historic clothing and medieval in particular. I discovered that she has studied archaeology some years back, which probably gives her the same background as me.

She said the following about the dress: "I wanted to make something really simple but still beautiful, my inspiration was nature, the forest in particular, somewhat of a forest princess and a bit "robin hood-ish" as if all you are missing is your bow and your ready to go. :)"
I love this dress for being more natural than many of the nobility gowns that I have posted earlier. The green over the white under-dress and the stiches down the sides adds to the conception of this young common maiden. It is a very authentic look and would look beautiful with a wreath of flowers around your head.
She has a couple other medieval dresses and assures me that she has new designs in the making. So check her out if this lovely dress appeals to you.

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