Monday, 5 September 2011

Medieval photowall

It's an increasingly popular wedding feature to have a photo booth or photowall at the reception to entertain the guests. If used properly it can ensure a huge amount of silly / fun / wonderful memories but it's mostly for the bride who really likes doing it herself and uses a lot of hours on the details - (Like me ;-)).
A classical photowall would look something like this:
But you can't really feel those medieval vibes with a couple of frames and a nice vintage tapestry. So: There are a couple of things you can do to make it medievalish - which is this blog's eternal goal.

1. You still need a big wooden plate to work your magic on, but instead of the vintage tapestry you can either choose a more contemporary-looking pattern like this red one, that bears resemblance to the fabric used in Mary of Hapsburg's dress, the green detail:

or you can paint a castle wall on the wood inspired by photos such as this:
2. Then you can either make a window in the medieval style and place a wooden bench in the front:
This tall and slightly pointed window is from the ruin
of Kerelaw (1488)
or you can hang up some big solid frames of gold or wood found at flea markets, along with a tourch or iron chandalier.
3. To finish it up you might want to get toy swords, shields and helmets, or maybe a rose a mirror or a very long wig. Just small geeky accessories to play with  and to make the photos really funny.
The end result could look something like this, without all the extra accessories:

Personally we were VERY lucky that the venue already had a photowall. It's a bit more cartoony and fitting for a carnival, but I adore it. And if you are a bit artistic, you might want to try painting something like it yourself. I considered it. But it's quite a project to take on and if you aren't happy with the end result it's a lot of work wasted.
I can easily imagine our guests having a lot of fun with it! And I might get a picture with me and Robert looking trough it as well. It just makes me love our venue even more.

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