Saturday, 3 September 2011

The medieval centre - our location revisited

Today we went down to visit our venue and try the food. We had a few questions for the manager as well so Robert and his sister with her boyfriend and I took the long drive there. It's only about a year now before the wedding so it was the perfect time to go and see our venue at the right time of the year and decide where the ceremony is going to happen.
We initially thought that we would be wed on the hill with the trebuchets overlooking the fjord, but when we took a walk around the centre a much more beautiful spot appeared to us by the lakeside near the Naust - where the boats reside in wintertime - and with a view of a bridge, a ship and the small town they've built. It's easier to just show you:
Robert is standing where we will be at the ceremony
The Medieval Centre is actually building a small replica of a medieval church right next to this spot, so we'll be married just outside the church as was custom at the time! Don't know if they'll get it done in time though. In case it rains the Naust can probably fit the wedding party so we are still able to get married "outside" if it's storming. :P:
The Naust
We also tasted the food at the restaurant "the Golden Swan"and it was goooood. I ordered the Grilled Smoked pork with stewed cabbage flavored with saffron. It's heavy food but really, I enjoyed it:

From our talk with the manager Allan we got an idea of how seriously they are about being historically correct. I love that, although it makes me feel like a bit of an amateur, which I am, of course. This blog is written on what information I can pick up everywhere. I try to be critical and selective and I just hope that what I pass on to you is usable.
A lot of things fell into place today and I feel relieved. Especially because the big day is getting more and more real and fantastic the closer I get. We saw a jousting tournament at their jousting arena too and I must say: I like that olde game.
Finally I got plenty of photos of the restaurant and although it's a bit dark in there my wonderful camera had no problems catching the light:

I really can't wait now. Robert and I are certain it's going to be a perfect wedding for us. I hope you can find a venue to match your expectations. :)

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