Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Arn the knight templar: Cecilia's hair

I was watching the first Arn - the templar knight, the other evening. I do like that movie, although the book is far better. Anyway I can see that you often come to this blog looking for medieval wedding hair. Obviously a movie cannot provide us historically accurate hair styles, but they can inspire us and as a lot of movies takes pride in historical clothing, they also try to copy the hair dos of the period. Cecilia, the heroine, has a couple of hair styles that I could really see at a wedding.

The braided bun above is beautiful. Medieval paintings are full of smal buns of braided hair, although I have never seen one placed in the back of the head. It requires a great amount of hair to make it that big, but I am sure hairdressers have their tricks if you want something similar. It reminds me a bit of this Jessica Alba picture:

This very artistic braided and curled hair lokks very much like a fairy tale princess. This elaborate style is more common in the renaissance or in Italy 15th century while nortern Europe still are in the middle ages. The Arn movie takes place in the 12th century if I remember correctly. From the paintings of that century this next hair style is the one that fits the best:
This simple and flattering hair do is the one that appeals the most to me. You can easily wear a wreath or a crown with it. The long loose wavy style can be seen in manuscripts like the Codex Manesse:
Hope you found these three examples helpful :-)


  1. I too, love that movie!! What lovely tresses & dresses you've posted.

  2. Thanks, I like the Arn movie especially because it mainly takes place in Northern Europe and that's also the starting point for my own wedding :) There actually is a wedding scene in the movie I might post later yay :P

  3. thank you...i will be using these hair styles for reference for my own wedding!