Monday, 1 August 2011

Dress of the Month - August

This month's dress is made by a very skilled costumes company:
They don't specialize in medieval clothing but they made this one dress inspired by Rogier Van Der Weyden's painting of Maria Magdalene Studying (1445 AD). It's called: Olive green velvet Houpelande gown.
Look at that lovely amount of fabric and the accuracy of detail based on the original painting:

The veil around her head might not be your preferred wedding veil, but you have to admit the dress is beautiful. I have a soft spot for the color green, so that does help a lot, but still.. :-)
Here's one more picture of it from the website, where the model is standing up:
The skirt is quite big, but then that was a sign of wealth i those days. The dress hardly reveals any skin although the neckline might be a bit more daring. You must keep in mind that the medieval times was a period of strong religious influence and a woman ought to be chaste and virtuous.

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