Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A medieval wedding

Look at these stunning photos of a medieval wedding by Thomas F. Berger from Flickr:

I love the attention to details in this handfasting photo. The groom has a magníficent sword, chainmail and bracers along with his royal blue tabard. The golden handfasting cord that binds the couple together is also very reagal.
The bride is probably a bit more on the romantic than the medieval side although the shape of the dress is very celtic medieval. The fact that it's white isn't so important because look how beautiful she is, that soft floating fabric combined with the delicate lace and the baby's breath flowers in the buquet and hair!  

The knightly prince embraces his princess. I think this is why a lot of couples likes this theme so much. It's all about fairy tales and old-old fashion love. Notice her loose hair with the simple ribbon and flowers.

The officiant looks great and see how shiny the shield is. I reckon this was a great wedding. It's just a pity that the photografer hasn't posted more from the day. The rose buquet is lovely too, I should really have liked to be a guest at that wedding.

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