Sunday, 7 August 2011

To Be or Not to Be Authentic

So this blog is about how to make your wedding as medieval as possible. BUT as with most theme weddings, the theme can be seen in elements of the wedding rather than the entire setup. This blog is meant to inspire you to have some great medieval details to complement your own personal details that may or may not have anything to do with the Middle Ages.

A Gothic medieval - mix wedding
If you have chosen a medieval wedding, it's most likely that you somehow have an interest in history, SCA, role-playing or fairy tales. This will also often resolve in mixed themes like medieval-fairy wedding or knight - gothic wedding. These combinations can make it difficult to be truly authentic, but most brides will rather have a personal wedding then completely authentic one -  myself included.

My own wedding will probably be one of the more thorough theme parties. There isn't much modern tradition about our wedding and I won't be compromising with the color of the dress, the food or the ceremony. But still we want modern music and we will send out written invitations rather than walk door to door and deliver a verbal invite like they would have done in the Middle Ages.
Obviously it's important to know what you want to prioritize. Few brides would want to wear another color than white, but it is possible to combine the medieval and the modern, like with this dress from Temptations By Design 's medieval collection:

You will have to compromise. It might be hard to find a proper location for example. This Danish couple had their wedding at Horsens' medieval festival. A lot of the wedding was amazingly authentic, like their stunning clothing, the ceremony and they even had a parade through the city - a very medieval tradition. But the reception was held in some pretty rooms that had more of a 18th century look.
I have also seen some really cool medieval weddings that had this fairy tale - medieval theme, with cute little bride's maids with colorful wings, which is obviously not authentic ;-)
It takes a lot of work to make a wedding authentic medieval style, and truth is you can only get so close to they way they did it.
In the end it's all about finding your own style. :)

- The Medieval Bride

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