Monday, 29 August 2011

Woodcuts - inspiration and decoration

Woodcuts was a way in the Middle Ages to make a picture that could be easily copied and they fill the pages of books of the period. If you are to make an invitation or a program the woodcuts could be a mean to make them look really cool and authentic. I have already used a couple of them for my program and it really sets the scene for the day.
It can be difficult to find what you are looking for but you can always google them. Otherwise there's this site: GoodCookery that has a very fine collection of woodcuts from books. Amongst these are this classical depiction of a medieval marriage:

Spiegel des menschlichen Lebens, 1475-76
 I loved it so much I used it both in the program and the save-the-dates. I already posted the std's but I'll show you them again along with the back and front of my programs:
The STDs

If you find these illustraions beautiful it's just a matter of getting started. To finish this entry op here's a few woodcuts from the GoodCookery collection:

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