Friday, 18 November 2011

Amasing Medieval Photoshoot from El Costurero Real

I came across an etsy artist, El Costurero Real, selling pretty medieval inspired dresses. I couldn't get the pictures out of my head, so I digged a little and found out that the talented woman had a website and a blog.

In coorporation with Pedro Velasco y Andrea Gomez, they set up a photoshoot for this beautiful medieval wedding and I have to show you some of the photos from the shoot: Boda Medieval .

Loving cup ceremony
They styled everything from the dress to the food, I think the dining shots are particularly great, with the wooden table, cups and bowls, the tent upheld by ribbon bound poles and of course the amasing costumes.

I think anyone planning a medieval wedding will find these photos inspiring, I got goose bumps myself, and I liked the forrest setting, the green ivory arch, the rose petals and the golden colors of the fabrics:
I wont post anymore pictures because I think you should go to her blog and check the rest out yourself. Really stunning!


  1. Wow! This is so fairy tale! I wish my wedding would also be like this.


  2. I read all your entries and I love your blog!
    I'm a medieval-fantasy model, maybe you could like my works! If you like, have a look of my blog :)