Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dress of the month - November

This golden empire waist gown is designed and made by Corinne Roes of Atelier Mette Maelwael, from the Netherlands.

It's not for sale, but made as a replica to a museum and meant as an inspiration for you all, so you can see the difference between this and the early slim and simple dresses.
The shape is characteristic for the 15th century with its big skirt, high waist and the v-shaped collar*. Also the conic hat with a veil is typical for the period. I believe the type of dress was called a Houpelande.

It was made by using at the picture below as an inspiration. Frankly I think it's very romantic and brings to mind princesses locked away in tall towers without any doors.
The Romance of Tristan; France, 1468

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