Sunday, 10 April 2011

Crazy wedding bouquet throw

Of course I read a lot of blogs about non-medieval-weddings too :) And one of the really great ones is GreenWeddingShoes. While looking through some of the real weddings I came across Katie and Cameron's Camp Wedding. They were very inventive but the thing that caught my eye was the way the bride through the wedding bouquet. All the singles got a little flag that they were to plant where they thought the bouquet would land on the grass. Then the couple put the bouquet in a big medieval trebuchet and sent it off flying!
I loved the idea so much I had to mention it here, hopefully no one will resent me for showing a picture form their story. (You can read it all on GreenWeddingshoes/Katie+Cameron).

I am hoping that maybe my brother in law will make me a mini version of a trebuchet to use for our wedding, or we could consider paying a little extra to use the huge trebuchets they have made where we are getting married :P

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  1. Warwick has the largest working trebuchet, it can throw a fireball about 200 yards. How fun would it be to put the four men (groom, best man and ushers) into the wheels so I could throw my bouquet!