Saturday, 9 April 2011

Our location - the Medieval Centre on Nykoebing Falster

We are so fortunate to have found a truly perfect location for the party and the ceremony. It is a medieval restaurant that is a part of a reconstructed medieval town in Denmark. The place is a museum during the day where kids and adults can see knight's tournaments or fire the catapults and see how the everyday life was in the 13th century. 
The high table at the end of the room in the Golden Swann

The restaurant itself serves only food from the era and they are very attentive to the authentic details. There are no electric lights in the rooms. They are entirely lit up by candlelight. The staff is dressed in historic clothing and all guests will eat with only a spoon and a knife, because forks weren't in use just yet.
The rooms look like a small medieval inn with wooden interior and have some beautiful paintings on the walls. The restaurant is called the Golden Swann and is the home of the local knight sir Henrik Svane.
I hope to find similar places all over the world and recommend them to you. :)
In the end I just wanted to show you some pictures from their website:
The tournament field

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