Sunday, 10 April 2011

The rings

The rings are very important to any bride and groom, and if you like the looks of the medieval rings found by archaeologists and amateurs then it's another opportunity to add another very authentic touch to the wedding.
You can never go wrong with the simplest choice of a plain ring of gold or silver. It's a classic no matter the time period and you can always make an inscription on the inside to make it special. This was common in the renaissance like this one:

17th Century, gold poetry ring
Reads: A loving wife prolongeth life
Early in the middle ages gold rings were ONLY for the top of the elite.

A very common ring in the Medieval was the stirrup ring - named so because it looked like the stirrups used when riding. They're simple and elegant and with a single or no stone. Found from 1200 and throughout the rest of the Middle Ages.

There's also rings with floral print (12-1400) like this:
The last type of rings I shall mention are the Gothic Tard Mold rings (12 and 1300)- a precious stone is placed on a plate on the ring as such:

 I had to show you these last two, which are rare, but I think they are very romantic and beautiful:
17th Century

11th Century - presumably
I hope you find fantastic rings yourself, but remember: You will be wearing them all your life, so choose with your heart and not on the basis of your theme!

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