Sunday, 10 April 2011

Medieval contemporary wedding art 1300

I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures from the middle ages featuring a wedding. This can be helpful to get an idea of the clothing, and just how weddings were protrayed at the time. :)

By: Nicolo da Bologna
'The Marriage'
This is a beautiful and festive illustration from a medieval manuscript. There are musicians, and maybe the bride's father/ a priest. The groom is placing a golden ring on her finger and the ladies and men have gathered to celebrate the couple. Notice the very strong colors of the clothes, the bridal crown and the bride's dress. Although it isn't a white dress, she still stands out.

Here a detail from the manuscript, a small picture named "The Kiss".

From Italiy or France in 1320,
From a manuskript comissioned by Kardinal Jacopo Stefaneschi.
The blessing of the couple's union.
I've got more of these but they are from a later century, so you will get those in another entry :)

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