Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Shop: Medieval Collectibles

As I have written before I will add small reviews of shops were you can find medieval things for the wedding and MedievalCollectibles is absolutely worth mentioning.
Medieval Collectibles
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I haven't bought anything from there myself, but I have been tempted several times. They have a mix of medieval and renaissance so not everything you can buy will fit a medieval wedding. Furthermore some of the products have a touch of Fantasy/Pirate/Gothic to them, but as the medieval times is a period of myth and mystery too, it's not inappropriate. None the less this is an online store that has a nice variety of medieval products, which is why I want to mention them. Most categories are covered such as clothing, weapons, replica coins, jewelry, very cute costumes for kids, feastware and lots of other stuff.

You can buy a medieval life style if you are willing to pay for it, because of the good quality - especially the weapons and armor impressed me. People praise them for the fine craftsmanship. The prices have a big range too, so you can find something really expensive for the serious medieval collectors, and cheaper pieces (of for example clothing) for the amateur.

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